such a nice sounding word for what it means.

oh, serendipitous!; graphic journal

graphic journal // unexpected good fortune.
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oh, serendipitous!
the graphic journal of cupcakeslover. here you will find icons, for the most part, and other graphics such as headers, banners or wallpapers, which I hope you'll enjoy! just following the rules listed below.
Feel free to watch, if you like what you see! :)

the girl;
Arianna, cupcakeslover at lj, 15 years old. You can find me at my livejournal, which is friends only. If you're interested, drop a few words in my FO post and, as long as we've got something in common, I'll friend you back. xoxo

You're welcome to use my graphics wherever you want to, as you will follow these simple rules:
» always credit when using anything. If you don't know how to, here's to you: how to credit. It's my work, I spend time on it. So please respect it.
» don't hotlink. If you don't know what's hotlinking, look at this Wikipedia page.
» don't steal, and never claim as yours. Again, please have respect.
» never modify anything. Textless icons are not bases.
» comments are love! and if you take anything, comment is a must. If you don't have time now, come back tomorrow.
» enjoy!

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